Nappy Roots (By Dajon Michales)

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I’m in love with them nappy roots
That motherland,
Original woman natural du
That beautiful, coarse, thick, power filled AFRO TRUTH
A subtle symbolism of strength and the beauty in your hair shows proof
A proof that displays immense emotion and eternal youth
Mixed with maturity
Creating a royal attribute
Grown with an intoxicating appearance
With the power to seduce
Follicle imperfection makes your perfection that much more true
A rate aesthetic that can only be grown by a selected few
Initial curiosity and amazement to those who are new to the view
A silent statement loud enough to control a room
The essence of naturalism in its greatest form
Vowing to never be subdued
It’s like the vibrations of you and earth at battle
But both perfectly in-tuned
You’re a bride to the heavens
The way you keep your hair groomed
I’m in love with those Nappy Roots
NO press, NO perm, NO weave
Just YOU