Next Level (By Jaccara Queen)

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Take a good look at your life. Do you come across anything that may be holding you back? If so, what are those things and why are they there? I can almost guarantee you that those things are there because you are keeping them there. It may be you that is holding you back. Maybe you’re scared of change, or think that you don’t mind being content; or maybe you think that you can still reach the next level with those things still lingering in the background. I am here to tell you that you can’t. Now is the time to take responsibility over your life. It is our job to take into consideration the toxicity that surrounds us as beings or even the toxicity that exists within ourselves. This could be your environment, a situation you may have found that you’ve put yourself in, or people you may be hanging around. It could be your way of life; maybe you haven’t been making the best choices or decisions. Whatever it is, if even you have the slightest hint that it is unhealthy for you, now is the time to take action in changing or removing it. You may be thinking to yourself that you don’t necessarily want to, you love these people or this certain person, you find yourself in too deep with the past decisions you’ve made, or with a current situation you may be in. Well I am going to tell you that none of this matters. All that matters is you, and today. It is never too late to start where you are. Start loving those people from a far, take the necessary action to get out of that situation, start making more conscious decisions about your life that will add to it in a positive light. Life requires change in order for us to grow. There is no growth in choosing to be stagnant; there is no next level in stagnation. There is no brighter side, or light at the end of the tunnel without you taking action. Do what you have to do for you. Choose you. Only then can we reach the next level.


Jaccara Queen