Mental Health Matters: (Cancer’s Mental Effects) By Early August – Photography by SoulFull Visualz

The average human brain has about 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day, which is equal to about 35-48 thoughts per minute. Our thoughts lead to our emotions and our emotions are what impact our mental health. It’s hard enough to keep our countless thoughts positive, but it’s even harder to do so knowing you or someone you love is battling cancer. It is extremely important and detrimental to know that you’re not alone.
Cancer’s physical effects are already a lot to deal with, and combined with the mental side effects it can be extremely draining. This is a side effect not only for the person battling cancer but their loved ones as well.
It has been proven that too much sitting in the house and thinking can increase the likelihood of developing cancer. Getting up and moving around helps to keep the blood flowing, which is essential to maintaining one’s mobility. It is important to get out and get fresh air by doing things such as:

-Going for a walk if possible

-Opening windows allowing air and natural light to come in

-Sitting on the porch

-Taking a drive if possible

It is essential that each individual realizes their own potential, tries their best to be productive, and find a way to cope with the stress that life and cancer brings. The first step to coping is to develop an understanding of what you’re dealing with. Don’t hesitate to ask the doctors any questions you may have about you or your loved one’s cancer and treatments. Express yourself as much as possible whether it is creatively or by talking to someone. It’s useful to let your thoughts and emotions come out because holding them in may allow these thoughts and emotions to attack your mental health. There’s a toll free cancer support helpline 1(888) 793-9355 open Monday – Friday from 9am-9pm ET, there’s also a live web chat available Monday – Friday from 9am-9pm ET at, and if you wish to speak to others going through similar experiences you are, that is also offered on their website. Also, don’t forget to exercise and take care of your physical health as much as possible.

Please remember to focus on what you can control, not what you can’t.