All Things Real (Written By Jaccara Queen)

The lights dim as the motion picture is projected onto a large screen.  The audience- captured, as they sit inside of their seats to see uncivilized body painted characters, running through a forest, condemning one another.

Sounds like society.

Sounds like bullets,

Mistaken for Fireworks in the Hood.

The honorable- Ventage, blesses us with her premier of this breathtaking video, leaving the viewers with an important message to think about.

“What is the importance of being alive, if someone- another human being, could take that away?”


Ventage, 22-years-old, but well beyond her years, is effortlessly gaining conscious conversation throughout her artistry.  As a singer and songwriter, the reality of her and our people well reflects the times in her music and visuals, while simultaneously capturing us with her divine beauty and sense of style.



“In high school, people called me Ventage because of the way I dressed” she explains.  “I believe this name was a gift from the universe, being that it’s what artists do- vent.”

Growing up in a household with singers and musicians, there was no doubt that Ventage would be musically inclined.  Everything from Alicia Keys to Mos Def rang throughout the hallways of her home, inspiring her in a way that would have its long lasting effects.  “I love people who follow their dreams; because if I see someone doing what they love, why wouldn’t I be able to do something that I love and be successful at it?”  With this in mind, Ventage invests a great deal of effort into her crafts, balancing a hectic work schedule, while still finding the time to create musically and fashionably, and perform at least a minimum of three shows a week.   “When I say that I’m an artist I’m not saying that halfway; I’m saying that I am one hundred percent artist, so everything that I need to do, I’m doing it right now.” she says.

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As a creator, Ventage makes it very clear that her art is not her own, but for everyone willing to receive it.  In starting her new project “The Vent” (All Things Ventilation), she creates a positive space, gaining a sense of community where anyone is welcome to come and express themselves and receive art as well.  “If we don’t have arts in the community it causes people to harm one another; it causes crime.  There’s no way of release, there’s just anger.  There’s no way of saying, ‘I’m hurt, and I need somebody to love me right now.’”   With All Things Ventilation, an intimate situation is provided for all attendees.  Live music greets the guests when they walk in as they are also provided with nametags to write any positive adjective as a declaration to who they are or want to be.

“I want people to know that they are powerful, that life is about believing, and that what you believe is what will be.”  And with this notion she has made it her personal duty to ensure that the things people believe in are positive.  Before The Vent comes to a close, a special ceremony takes place where a candle is lit by every person in attendance; attached to it is a private note that declares something they wish to let go of or something that they need.  Her goal is to inspire people in such a way where they are not moved just for a moment, but for a lifetime.

“Right now we are at a time where the community is having an awakening. People are becoming way more conscious than they were yesterday.” Ventage also goes into explaining how in the midst of this era, there are peers such as herself, taking their talents and utilizing them in such a way where they have created their own movement. “I’m powerful, and the people around me are powerful too.” She continues. “Everyone is doing what they love to do, and while doing this we’re also making our mark.”



Ventage uses music as a platform to promote self-expression, and give love. Her special bodies of work such as Spoken Soul and All Things Real lead as prime examples, while “The Vent” also creates an environment where people are motivated and given the opportunity to do the same thing.  By being the change that she wants to see, she continuously digs deep within her artistry, endlessly becoming a better version of herself to be a pillar within her own life, and in the community as well.