King Keraun’s Major Deal (Written By Jaccara Queen)

“God basically said He was going to give me the worst life possible.” King Keraun, one of today’s biggest social media stars, expresses to Cara Santa Maria in a Fusion interview, that with the way society is set up, he felt that he had no way out.

After having his dreams shattered of playing football, he dropped out of college with a torn ACL, then subsequently found himself in jail serving a three-year sentence. Like many, Keraun had high hopes of turning his life around upon his release. But reality set in when he came to find that making a means for himself would be fairly difficult having a felony on his record. Accompanied by this season of dark moments, discouragement soon came after. However, with the birth of his daughter, that dark cloud began to fade away as he realized he would not be living for himself anymore. This newfound confidence allowed for a paradigm shift that soon lead to upward mobility. Not too long after his daughter’s arrival, he made his first vine video, which received an astounding response. It was then that he realized that he had complete control; he could make the rules. Since then, King Keraun has been a complete Internet sensation, and though many may write off his success as just being a “vine star” or “insta famous” his response to naysayers has been to “Just wait on it.” His content, consistence, popularity, and following, has lead to different avenues of opportunity. So what exactly is social media providing as the new wave?

Cara Santa Maria explains “Content creators are using it as a path to get into television and film.” That it is the “non-traditional route to join the establishment.” These talented individuals such as Keraun have paved a way for themselves by cutting out the middleman. Instead of living the life of the starving artist, they are providing for themselves while opportunities are approaching them because of it. With that being said, King Keraun has proved to naysayers that he is more than just an “insta famous, vine star”.

In April of 2016, he started shooting Major Deal’ with Russell Simmons’ media company- All Def Digital. Major Deal was the first featured film for both Keraun and the ADD platform. After Keraun came up with the idea, Kevin Fredericks (Creative Executive of ADD) wrote up the first draft in about six weeks, and some changes were made here and there. It then only took a total of fourteen days to film, and three months to edit. Although Major Deal was shot with a low budget, the outcome exceeded everyone’s expectations, visually and aesthetically. I had the privilege of attending the movie premier and was blown away by the talent, the creativity, the comedy, and the professionalism. It is relevant, relating to the times, and is also of entertainment. Major Deal was first released online at at and is now available on iTunes.

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