Force of Nature’s Author Pick

Daéizm’s MariGold- a book of poems, prose, and proverbs is featured in our latest issue of 4ORCE: Everybody Don’t Feel the Blues…

About The Author


Daé is a mid-twenties writer and expressionist. As a native of Los Angeles, CA, he found himself raised in various neighborhoods, but finds Jefferson Park and Inglewood to both be considered home. Daé began writing as an outlet to encapsulate his environment. He became obsessed with emotional identity as it grew more difficult for him to articulate his feelings of his father being killed at a young age, where gang activity and police brutality were as prevalent and in many instances, more than they are today. Writing is his cathartic tool in mastering the chaos within himself. It would find him again years later when he suffered a work-related injury and was left with nothing but time to face himself from his fears to figuring out what actually made him happy. Poetry is a byproduct of that expression; his poetry book ‘MariGold’ is a collection of moments within his journey for emotional identity; through moments of grief, angst, heartbreak, love, and rediscovery.

An excerpt: NumbSoul

“You had this amazing way of

shutting out the world when you felt down.

But as much as I admired that, I knew the danger.

I knew how shutting the world off had

damaging effects, long-term. How being numb meant

you didn’t feel the love that whispered at the

nape of your neck, the joy that rained on your skin,

the peace that filled your lungs.

You’re not wrong for shutting out the world

when you’re down, but you miss out on

so much more when you allow them to win.”

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