Kiashi Matka (Photographed by Jayana)

“I was born into this lifetime, ready to work relentlessly for a higher frequency. The more I focus on the importance of staying true to my vibration, the more and more selective I become. I will never leave those I love behind, because who’s to say that I am necessarily ‘ahead’? I am certainly not. But I may float away for the sake of my own sanity. I may choose not to engage so deeply with certain energies, for the sake of my own. I will choose, and I will be choosey, for the betterment of myself. Most importantly, I will consciously choose, for the highest vibration of my child. I refuse to make excuses any longer. I refuse to become battered by anyone with lack of genuine concern. I refuse to pretend, to save the ego of another, while sacrificing my own spirit in the longrun. I refuse to hide behind a facade of false perfection knowing my greatest assets peek from the shadows of my most vulnerable moments. I refuse to be fearful, I will let go of all that contributes to stagnancy. I will dig deep, as deep as my soul can go. I will willingly crack my skin and grow anew, without hesitation or fear of ridding what no longer serves me. I will continue to look inward, especially when it is the most painful to do so. I will work for my truest form of happiness, as it is my divine birthright. I will continue to stay true, but I will be more true to myself than I’ve ever been. I will not use my awareness to wound, nor my intelligence. I will stay on the ground but rise far beyond the clouds simultaneously. I belong here, I belong there. I belong everywhere that my vibration is openly accepted and reciprocated. Separation from old skin no longer pains me, it only liberates and prepares me for the skin that is ready to develop in its place.”

–Kiashi Matka